Darla Pollman Rogers

The firm has provided lobbying services before the South Dakota legislature for national, regional and statewide entities for over seventy years. This representation includes drafting of proposed legislation, active engagement  in planning of legislation strategies, individual contacts with legislators, representatives of the administration, and political party officials, as well as preparation for and participation of testimony before committees and solicitation of support on legislative issues.

Darla Pollman Rogers has been actively engaged in lobbying efforts for over twenty years. Robert C. Riter has been actively lobbying before the South Dakota legislature for over thirty years. Lindsey Riter-Rapp has also been actively lobbying for the last 12 years.

The firm’s location in Pierre and its experience within the legislative body and the legislative halls, makes the firm particularly adept at efficiently representing a broad spectrum of clients on legislative matters.

Several of the firm’s legislative clients have been continuously represented by it for over fifty years. This longtime and consistent appearance in the halls of the legislature has bolstered the firm’s reputation in legislative matters.

The firm has been successful in assisting legislative clients in successfully capturing the pertinent points of issues involved in proposed legislation, and preparing presentations which will allow legislators to understand the perspectives important to the firm’s clients.

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